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Three Dimensions specializes in individual attention to your meeting or event. As a full service meeting planning company, Three Dimensions management encompasses all aspects of your conference. Three Dimensions is also equipped to handle designated tasks for your event. Whether it is complete conference management or specific activity management, Three Dimensions coordinates the details with the conference objectives.

Following is a list of professional services of planning and managing a meeting or event.


-Establish the meeting/conference dates
-Assist with preliminary budget
-Make site inspections and site selection
-Negotiate and contract with facility(s) to secure the best combination of service and price
-Establish planning & action timeline including all important deadlines
-Arrange planning & committee meetings

-Assist with program development and/or speaker selection process
-Act as liaison between speakers and conference committee
-Obtain session presentation materials to design and produce conference proceedings
-Make arrangements for lodging, amenities and individual requirements of speakers
-Plan and conduct meeting for presenters

-Establish promotion plan—including mail lists, press packets and advertising
-Create and host event web site
-Design and produce promotional materials for print and web site

-Establish registration procedures
-Design individualize registration form
-Respond to telephone, mail, email and FAX inquiries
-Process registrations and accommodations; receive, record, and confirm
-Process payments; check and credit card
-Prepare registration/financial reports
-Prepare name badges, speakers cards

Facility Management
-Design meeting and function room set-ups
-Arrange for on-site office facilities, equipment, and services
-Determine audio-visual needs: order equipment and personnel
-Design and produce signs
-Locate and organize an email center
-Order ground transportation
-Coordinate food and beverage functions including menu selection
-Establish master billing and credit requirements
-Conduct briefing of meeting facility staff
-Obtain local informational brochures, restaurant guides and maps

-Provide exhibitor information packet including contracts
-Design exhibits floor plan and assign booth space
-Interactive, virtual floor plan
-Negotiate and contract show decorator
-Act as ongoing liaison with exhibitors
-Solicit sponsorship
-Arrange lead tracking equipment

-Determine staff requirements
-Recruit volunteer or hire appropriate staff
-Communicate job requirements and schedule to staff
-Conduct staff training

Additional Services
-Select and purchase souvenirs, gifts and awards
-Organize recreational/sightseeing activities
-Plan companion program
-Negotiate airline travel and car rental discounts
-Make VIP arrangements
-Plan social events i.e. welcome reception, gala or awards banquet
-Select and book music and/or theme entertainment
-Hire photographer and arrange floral decorations


Facility Management
-Provide liaison with meeting facility
-Check set-up of meeting and function rooms
-Supervise set-up of exhibits
-Confirm food and social function guarantees
-Distribute gratuities
-Coordinate materials delivery to session rooms & provide water for speakers
-Position signs and room locations

On-site Registration
-Establish on-site procedures and arrange set-up
-Supervise on-site registration staff
-Distribute meeting materials and handouts
-Expedite registration procedures

Additional Responsibilities
-Supervise message center
-Handle special requests
-Arrange VIP greeting and amenities


Financial Review
-Review hotel master account
-Review and approve invoices for payment
-Provide closing financial reports
-Provide meeting summary

Three Dimensions pays close attention to the individual needs of each meeting for each client. We offer the above list as a comprehensive array of services, each with the potential to be an important ingredient for the success of your event. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss the particular needs of your next meeting. We hope you find us as easy to contact, and to do business with, as any of our existing clients.