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Today with more and more being done by fewer and fewer committee staff, organizations are learning the advantages of using professional specialists. You will quickly come to appreciate the freedom your committee volunteers will have. You will all welcome the new freedom to be the gracious and businesslike hosts on which the success of your meeting depends. Here's why we think that you and your people will come to like the way we work.

-We are fully trained and experienced conference planners
-We negotiate, arrange and supervise all your meeting needs
-We contract with only the best suppliers who will give you the highest quality service
-We provide and manage the services you need, without the worry
-We do the work so you can do the meeting

-You and your staff are free to continue with your regular jobs
-You get smooth, successful, and affordable meetings
-You look good because your meeting has that professional touch
-You are free to attend and fully participate in your meeting
-You get a meeting that achieves its goals
   -revenue generating

You get a better meeting at a better price by taking advantage of our negotiating skills, vendor and venue relationships, and quantity buying power.

IEEE APS-URSI Conference 1995 Newport Beach, CA. (1500 Attendees)
IEEE APS-URSI Conference 1996, Baltimore, MD
IEEE APS-URSI Conference 1998, Atlanta, GA
IEEE ISCAS Conference 1998, Monterey, CA (1200 Attendees)
IEEE APS-URSI Conference 1999, Orlando, FL
IEEE ISCAS Conference 1999, Orlando, FL
IEEE Phased Array Conference, 2000, Dana Point, CA (250 Attendees)
Master Halco Incentive, 2000, Palm Beach, FL (50 Attendees)
IEEE-APS/URSI Conference, 2002, San Antonio, TX
IEEE-APS/URSI Conference, 2003 Columbus, Ohio
IEEE-APS/URSI Conference, 2004, Monterey, CA
IEEE-APS/URSI Conference, 2005, Washington, DC
IEEE-APS/URSI Conference, 2006, Albuquerque, NM
IEEE-APS/URSI Conference, 2007, Honolulu, HA
IEEE-APS-URSI Conference, 2008, San Diego, CA
URSI General Assembly Intl Conference, 2008 Chicago, IL (1800 Attendees)
AMTA Symposium, 2008, Boston, MA (500 Attendees)
IEEE-APS-URSI Conference 2009, Charleston, SC
IEEE EMC Symposium 2009, Austin, TX (2500 Attendees)
AMTA Symposium, 2009, Salt Lake City, UT
IEEE-APS-URSI Conference 2010, Toronto, Canada
AMTA Symposium, 2010, Atlanta, GA
AMTA Symposium, 2011, Denver, CO
IEEE EMC Symposium, 2011, Long Beach, CA