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Three Dimensions is your management team, ready to provide decision makers like you the benefits of utilizing the services of decision makers like us.

Mary Ellen Vegter, Yvonne Grosek and Theodora Dirksen, three sisters who started their business in 1989.

Since Three Dimensions has more than 20 years' experience our staff is able to relieve your staff of the details that deplete your valuable productivity. Please believe we understand the importance you place on a productive and enlightening conference or meeting for your attendees. We will quickly grasp the elements of your unique budgetary considerations.

With this understanding we put our experience to work planning, promoting and organizing your event.


At Three Dimensions we believe every client deserves individualized attention tailored to specific objectives. The services offered are all-encompassing and should always result in a cost-effective budget.

Before Your Event
The service begins long before your meeting. Your important decision to have the meeting means that nothing should be left to chance. Three Dimensions leads the way in planning all aspects of your event: site location, budget development, strategic planning, promotion, registration web page design—the works!

During Your Event
Make the most of your time with your participants; your focus is on them while Three Dimensions concentrates on the details and logistics. We'll make sure the arrangements with the meeting facility aCcorrect, get your speakers to the podium on time and answer as many participant questions as we can.

After Your Event
The meeting isn't over until the summary has been reviewed. And that's why Three Dimensions will keep accurate records and document the financial accounts and the multitude of logistical arrangements of the event.